I think it is really important to take an appropriate amount of time to do some research before starting to feed raw. There are several ways to raw feed, and not every website or group has the same opinion on the topic. My advice would be to find a reference website which you feel the most confident with and to follow their advice.

A word on Facebook groups

Facebook groups are a great place to exchange useful information with other raw feeders, to ask all your questions, and to get help especially when you are starting. However, it is important to remember to take every information with a pinch of salt, as not everyone there is an expert. My advice would be to double-check all the information you read, to trust the admins (as they’re generally the most knowledgeable in the group) and to be cautious about the pieces of advice you get from the other members.

My favorite websites about raw feeding

As here we discuss about cats, in my list you won’t find any website that is solely addressed to dog owners.

Perfectly Rawsome

A great website, full of information on raw feeding. You will find in particular a picky cat transition guide, as well as a standard one. This website is focused on do-it-yourself raw feeding and for cats recommends Prey Model Raw and Prey Model Raw +. You will find on the website a raw feeding calculator which can be helpful when you start. Perfectly Rawsome also has a Facebook group called Raw Feeding University, on which you can find help and ask questions. My only complaint is that they are mainly focused on dogs.

Feline Nutrition

This website is 100% focused on cats and nutrition. It has many articles which take a deep dive on many aspects of cats’ food. It also has a beginner category, if you don’t want to get overwhelmed with too much information if you’re just starting out with raw feeding. Part of the team behind the Feline Nutrition website is composed of veterinarians!


As you can probably guess it by its name, this website too is focused only on cats. The website recommends a Prey Model Raw diet. CatCentric has also a Facebook group. They don’t just provide answers to your questions on raw feeding, but they talk about cats in general.


This website is entirely written by Lisa A. Pierson, a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. It mainly focuses on why you should never feed your cat with dry food. It is really a must-read if you are not convinced yet. However, it doesn’t contain much practical information on how to raw feed your cat.

Raw Fed and Nerdy

The RFN website supports science-based raw feeding: they consider the nutritional requirement of cats and dogs to precisely balance a raw diet. I would not recommend it when starting out, as it can be overwhelming for newcomers. Nevertheless, they definitely cover important aspects of raw feeding. Raw Fed and Nerdy was originally born as a Facebook group. Even if at a first glance it may seem to be only about dogs, one of the admin is actually an expert in cat nutrition, so don’t be afraid to ask your questions on how to feed your cats!

The Raw Feeding Community

The RFC is about raw feeding in general and doesn’t privilege a raw diet in particular. This means it supports DIY, as well as pre-made raw, a partial raw diet, etc. You will find on their website many science-based articles on raw feeding. The RFC also has a Facebook group.

Raw Feeding Advices and Support

The RFAS is focused on a strict Prey Model Raw diet. Which means no fruits, no vegetables, no grains, no supplement, no partial raw diet etc. The RFAS has a Facebook group which is one of the largest ones on raw feeding, sporting more than 100k members.

Cats Completely Raw And Proud (Cat CRAP)

This Facebook group is a very good place to exchange information which is strictly only about raw feeding and cats. They don’t recommend any specific feeding method. They support DIY, as well as premade raw. To conclude, there are a lot of resources available on raw feeding out there, with many different philosophies. I hope that with this list you’ll be able to find the website that perfectly fits your philosophy.