As you may have seen, on the 30th of May our family got a little bit bigger: Praline joined us! Like Néline, Praline is a Norwegian Forest cat, and she was born on the 31st of January. She stepped in our home when she was 4 months old. Her color is black amber smoke (maybe tortie amber smoke). Her color will keep changing as she grows up (as with Néline), and we expect her to be more golden! You had many questions about her, so here are the answers to the questions you asked me the most. Why a new kitten? We decided to get a new kitten for several reasons. Firstly, Néline is a really playful cat. When we got her I was still a student and I had more time to play with her. I then started working full time, and I thought that as she will get older she will be less playful and everything would be fine. Fast forward to today, and she is still as playful as when she was little. We, therefore, decided that getting a small friend to play with her when we are not home would be the best thing to do. And finally, I’ve been having a kitten fever since a while. How is Praline’s character? Sor far, she is a very curious and confident kitten. She didn’t hesitate to explore our whole apartment and she wasn’t too scared by Néline. She is also terribly cuddly and slept on the bed with us almost every night since she arrived. It’s not been a long time since Praline is with us, so we may discover more of her character very soon. kitten sitting amber smoke
What does Praline eat? Like Néline, Praline eats 100% raw food. I switched her to a raw diet as soon as we got her, and she loves it. It was very easy as her breeder already gave her raw meat occasionally. I would dedicate an entire article on kittens and raw feeding. Where does Praline come from? Praline comes from a French breeder: Château Boréal. Before getting her, we went to visit the cattery to be sure that the kittens grew up in a good environment, and we were gladly pleased with what we saw. The breeder was very nice and all the cats there seemed very healthy. When we went there, Praline was 2 months old, and we immediately fell in love with her. kitten sitting amber smoke
Praline when she was 2 months old
Are Praline and Néline related? Even if they don’t come from the same cattery they share some ancestry. They have a great-grandfather in common. Will I walk Praline on a leash? Yes, I plan to teach her to wear the harness and then walk outside. As she is a very curious kitten, I believe she will enjoy it as much as Néline. kitten portrait amber smoke
What does “Praline” means? Praline is a type of French candy made with almonds and caramelized sugar. It’s pronounced “Prah-leen”. Praline was the name chosen by the breeder, and we decided to keep it as it rhymes with Néline. Néline’s name is also the original one the breeder gave her because it rhymes with my name: Coline. So the three of us have a name that ends in “line”. A lot of questions were on the relationship between Néline and Praline and how I introduced them to each other. As this is still ongoing, I will dedicate a blog article on it.