woman holding a cat


Who is behind the blog?

Coline & Federico! We are a couple living in the French Riviera and we are the owners/parents/slaves of Néline and Praline.
Coline is the writer and developer of this blog.
Federico is the photographer of this blog.
Néline is a two-year-old Norwegian Forest cat, her coat color is black amber blotched tabby and white. She is full of energy and terribly curious. She loves playing and could do it all day long. She enjoys going out on walks.
Praline is a 8 months old Norwegian Forest cat, her color is black amber smoke. She is a little mischievous creature but also very cuddly.

Why this blog?

Since I was (very) little I've always been fond of cats.
Soon after finally having an apartement of our own, I got Néline and opened her Instagram account
Five months after her adoption, I started to raw feed Néline and to talk about it with my followers. I got many questions on the topic and I thought that I could make a blog to share my knowledge with everyone.
On this blog you'll find information about raw feeding, but also about cats in general.


I'm not a vet, nor a cat nutrionist. I'm passionate about cat nutrition and I'm sharing what I learned.
I have a scientific approach and, whenever possible, I'll do my best to link the sources (scientific studies) of my articles.
Even if here you'll find some quality content, as for everything on the internet, don't blindly believe everything I say! Making your own research is always very important: anyone can be wrong, even with the best intentions.
Finally, if your cat is sick or injured, always take it to a vet!