The “Raw Feeding Interviews” is a series of interviews to fellow raw feeders! It is aimed at providing different points of view and raw diet examples for several cats other than mine. In this second interview, let’s welcome Megan from @rawfedandfurry. Megan is sharing many raw feeding tips on her Instagram, as well as inspirational raw food bowls! Be sure to check it out :) - Can you present yourself and your pets? I am Megan and I run an Instagram account called Raw Fed and Furry where I share educational posts of my pets’ meals. My furry family includes two pugs- Molly and Sir Charles, a quarter pug mutt called Roscoe, Irwin who is a total mutt, and Hunter the cat who thinks he’s a dog. - What are you feeding your cat? Prey model or not? NRC? Supplements or not? Hunter does best on a Prey Model Raw Plus type diet which includes foods such as whole prey items, eggs, small oily fish, shellfish and kelp. black tabby longhair cat
- Since when are you raw feeding? Was it difficult to switch him to raw food? I think it’s been four or fives years of being fully raw here. I’m very lucky that Hunter will eat anything I put in front of him so transitioning to raw was very easy. - Why did you decide to start raw feeding? I originally started feeding a full raw diet due to one my dogs, Roscoe, who would go days without eating kibble. Often putting him underweight. Once we switched to a fresh fully raw diet he started eating regularly and maintaining his weight. - Did you see any difference in your cat after starting to raw feed them? When we adopted Hunter at three months old he had constant awful bloody diarrhea. Even though I had always planned to feed him raw I was advised to wait by my vet while we figured out what was going on with his gastrointestinal system. After a few vet visits and being on medication that wasn’t helping, I decided to just go ahead and transition him to a raw diet. Almost instantly his gastrointestinal issues went away and he started to absolutely thrive. raw food for cat
Meal example
- What are the pros and cons of raw feeding for you? I really love the fact that I know exactly what my pets are eating and that everything is human grade. The fact that Hunter’s issues were able to be fixed through raw feeding and we were able to avoid long term medications is amazing. Seeing my pets thrive on this diet is wonderful. Of course shopping, prepping, and storing can be time consuming but in the end it is worth it. - How much do you spend every month to raw feed? It honestly varies each month depending on the meal plan I built and local sales. For my cat’s portion I would say I spend around $35 mosts months. - How much time do you spend every month to prepare their food? Thanks to my mom, who is my prepping partner, we are able to prep 2 weeks of food for my crew of 5 in just an hour. We have pretty much gotten the process down to the T. raw food for cat
Meal example
- How did you learn to raw feed? I was lucky to go to a school that offered animal sciences and nutrition courses in high school giving me a base knowledge which I furthered working in animal hospitals. Once I decided raw feeding is the path I wanted to take I spent endless hours researching online, reading books, taking online courses, and learning with my peers. - Anything else you would like to add? One of the things I like to stress the most about a cat’s diet is that they are designed to obtain most of their moisture needs from the foods they eat. When fed a diet of pure kibble it’s not uncommon for a cat to be in a near constant state of dehydration which can lead to health problems. Feeding a raw diet or even just including some moisture rich foods can help prevent this. Thank you so much, Megan, for this interview! I hope you enjoyed reading about another person’s insight into raw feeding. Stay tuned for the next interviews! If your cat is raw fed and you’d like to be part of the “Raw Feeding Interviews” series, send us an email.